Keeping Your Independence in Assisted Living

One of the fears that you may feel about aging is losing your independence. You’ve cared for yourself, a spouse, children and grandchildren. You’ve been active in your job and your community. After a full life, it’s tough to imagine giving up your self-reliance and freedom. How can you keep your independence in assisted living?

Some people hear the words “assisted living” and feel that it means giving up autonomy. The truth, however, is very different. Assisted living today provides a safe and healthy living place that meets your needs, including the need for independence.

keeping independence in assisted living


What is Assisted Living Really Like?

Assisted living is for those who need or want a helping hand with activities of daily living like cooking, driving, medication management, or hygiene. Sometimes this help is needed after a hospital stay, a medical diagnosis, or just with age.

Residents enjoy safe, personal, and private rooms or apartments. Skilled and caring staff are ready to help when needed, just a button-push away. And with a chef to provide three meals a day, laundry and linen service, and special amenities like in-house salons, assisted living provides the independence of home with the security of knowing that help is always at hand.

There are also large and friendly shared spaces, like dining rooms, living rooms, sun rooms, and kitchens.  You can use and enjoy these on your own time in a close-knit, intimate community. Best of all, we design each space to be safe and accessible for all, no matter the level of physical ability.

Assisted Living can Restore Independence to Your Life

Staying in your current home may mean freedom and independence to you. But if living at home requires regular help from family, friends, or visiting health aides, are you really independent? Dependence on outside help can grow so slowly that you may not notice small ways you’ve already given up pieces of freedom.

In order to help you live safely at home, your family or aides may sometimes have to do things that take away your feelings of autonomy. It’s likely your home wasn’t built with the needs of aging in mind. It can be hard for in-home caregivers to give you the kind of independence that assisted living is built to preserve. And, unlike a visiting caregiver who may need to set a schedule for helping you, having someone present and on-call 24/7 means that you only need to accept help when you actually want it.

Many of our residents used to struggle. They didn’t want to bother others or ask for help with things they could previously do alone. Assisted living can set you free from relying on your family to do things like help you cook or clean, drive places, manage medications, pay bills, or get to church. It gives you back time to enjoy actually spending time with your family instead of depending on them for care.

Gaining Back Independence and So Much More

The sad nursing homes that you remember from your childhood are a thing of the past. Assisted living today means supported independence. You can enjoy privacy, autonomy, amenities, and a schedule of life-enriching activities tailored to you. You can leave behind the limitations of aging at home and enjoy your life more like you used to.

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