Life Enrichment Programs at Fairhaven

Imagine Yourself Here with Us

Alice wakes up at 6am like she’s always done, she showers and dresses and heads to the bistro to read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee, her friends Betty and Rose meet her there and after a light breakfast, they head outside to take a walk around the koi pond and talk about the community garden they’re planning. The first meeting with everyone interested is tomorrow, but Betty already bought some seeds because she is so excited. They head inside to play cards together with their friend Caroline for awhile, then have a delicious chef-prepared lunch together. Alice has been a vegetarian for 40 years and it’s been easy to continue her lifestyle with the nutritious and delicious choices available at Fairhaven. After lunch, Betty heads down to the Salon to get her roots touched up. Rose meets up with her friend Tom to watch a documentary he mentioned to her. Caroline goes to meet up with her husband before a dance lesson. And Alice goes to the great room to read the book her grand daughter sent her this week. At 4pm, there’s a group of folks who meet up to do yoga, and Alice started joining them a few weeks ago. She didn’t think she would, but after the first few sessions, she’s actually beginning to enjoy it. Afterwards, the yoga class has some tea and they talk about the day’s news, before heading to dinner. After a delightful dinner, Alice and some of her friends decide to watch a movie. Alice heads to bed after the movie is over to finish reading her book, and thinks about the good things tomorrow will bring.

Food at Fairhaven

Fairhaven Denton Interior Bistro

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy and happy life. At Fairhaven we also want meals to be an experience that our residents are glad to share with each other. We have a skilled chef and a nutritionist on staff to ensure that health and great flavor are achieved in every offering.


Spirituality and Culture


Fairhaven supports community involvement and welcome spiritual advisors and groups to come visit and volunteer with our residents. We also can help our residents attend religious services, both on and off-site if they would like to do so.

Recreation and Wellness

At Fairhaven, we believe in the idea that Happiness Lives Here. In service of that, we have a Life Enrichment Director who helps organize classes, events, and entertainment.

The multi-purpose room serves as a space for movie nights, cooking lessons, yoga classes and more.

Fairhaven Denton Interior Multi Room

Fairhaven’s Life Enrichment Director plans, coordinates, and facilitates life-enrichment programs based on the individual needs and interests of each resident. They will also arrange special entertainment with residents both within the Fairhaven community building and outside of it in the larger Denton community. This will include occasional trips to local events of interest. One of our director’s goals is to promote local community involvement through volunteerism among members of the community, residents and resident families.

Recreation and Wellness

  • Current Events Discussion group
  • Games
  • Clubs
  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Chair Exercises & Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Cooking Classes
  • Walking
  • Flex/Balance work
  • Aromatherapy
  • Social Events – mixers, etc.
  • Entertainment (singers, musicians, etc.)
  • Classes

At Fairhaven we are all about you, If we don’t currently offer something you love, let us know. You’re also welcome to create your own social clubs, share your hobbies, and teach each other things!


Our visiting hours are 7am – 8pm

Family and friends are more than welcome to visit our Fairhaven residents during our daily visiting hours. We are excited to have visitors join us for meals as well. Please let us know so that our chef can plan accordingly.

Families are also more than welcome to take their loved one out for the day, or for a longer vacation.