What is Assisted Living Really Like?

One of the first questions you may ask when you start thinking about changing your living situation is “what is assisted living really like?”

If you haven’t visited an assisted living residence lately, your ideas of what to expect might be out of date. In recent years, assisted living has changed radically. So, if you expect it to resemble the nursing homes and retirement communities of decades past, get ready for a surprise.

It’s All About Independence

For seniors, independence is a precious commodity. We recognize that, and that’s why assisted living is all about supported independence. Most residents need some help with a few things, like getting up to use the bathroom at night without falling, or dressing with mobility problems. Our staff provide the help that each resident needs but the rest is up to you.

Unlike a nursing home or medical long-term care facility where you may have a single or even a shared room, assisted living is more like having an apartment or a condo. You can decorate how you like. And you can set your own schedule. We offer a variety of amenities and activities throughout the day but whether you participate is up to you. Want to spend a lazy day reading in your favorite easy chair? Go for it. Feel like taking a drive, or puttering outside in the garden? Nobody’s going to stop you!

What Does the “Assisted” in Assisted Living Mean?

With all the talk about independence, you might wonder where the assistance comes in.

Assisted living is best for seniors who don’t need 24-hour help but do need some assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs are things like bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, getting in and out of bed safely, preparing meals, shopping, driving, or keeping up with housework.

Just because help is available doesn’t mean it’s in your face. Staff are on site and available around the clock to help. Buildings are safely locked and protected at night. Each resident gets help that’s personalized to their needs.

Have trouble staying on schedule with your medication? Someone will drop by just on time to remind you. Wake up in the night and worry that you might fall on the way to the toilet? With the push of a button, someone will always be there to make sure you don’t.

During the day, help might look like having someone there to teach you a new hobby, troubleshoot a technology problem, or fix your hair for you. While you’re chatting with friends in the courtyard, help might mean laundry service, or housekeeping staff making your bed and vacuuming. And if you have errands to take care of, help might mean a ride to the store or assistance taking care of things at the bank or paying a bill online.

Daily Life in Assisted Living

Each resident in assisted living makes each day what they want it to be. Here are some broad strokes; the rest is for members of our community to fill in for themselves!

Three times a day, our residents gather together for a shared meal prepared by a chef. For those who miss a mealtime or who enjoy cooking, a shared kitchen space is always open.

Throughout the day, residents enjoy outdoor courtyards, garden space, walking trails, and shared lounge areas. Interested in a class? From yoga to painting, each member of our community chooses to participate if and when they want to.

One of the things our residents tell us they love best is the community atmosphere and social environment. Before moving into assisted living, many seniors experience increasing isolation and loneliness. After moving into assisted living, they find a network of like-minded friends just a few steps away any time.

In assisted living your life is entirely your own; we just want to help keep it that way.

Do you want to find out more about what assisted living is really like? You can get a bird’s-eye view from the safety and comfort of home by scheduling a virtual tour today: just click here to get started.