July 2021 – Public Announcement – COVID 19 Visitation Requirements

Fairhaven Denton Announces that they will follow all COVID 19 visitation requirements.

COVID 19 Essential Caregiver (EC) Visitation Requirements
• COVID-19 testing is no longer required however, Fairhaven Denton will continue screening and documentation of donning and doffing of all PPE, hand hygiene, covering cough and sneeze appropriately prior to becoming an EC.
• Visits are allowed for all residents, including residents who are COVID-19 positive and whom have or have not received the vaccine.
• Staff no longer escort to and from the visitation area or the resident’s room.
• Time frames for visiting are no longer specified but EC must schedule visit to allow time between EC and non-essential caregiver visits for cleaning and disinfecting. EC must sign in with name, date, phone number, time of arrival and departure and resident being visited.
• EC must wear a face mask during entire visit and encourage resident to do so if tolerated. EC may not remove mask for any reason so EC may not eat with resident.
• EC may sit with resident in dining room or other areas of the facility but maintain 6 feet social distancing from all other residents and staff.

Non-Essential Caregiver Visitation Requirements
• These visitors do not have to complete the donning and doffing of PPE documentation.
• May only visit a resident with COVID-19 negative status.
• Must schedule visits with documentation the same as an EC.
• No specified visit length
• No limitations of how many visitors at a time in resident’s room
• Visitor may only visit resident in resident’s room or on the patio.
• Visitor must wear face mask at all times. Visitor may not remove mask to eat or drink.
• Children must wear face mask at all times, if the child is under the age of two then they will have to stay outside for a patio visit
• The definition of end-of-life is expanded to include residents who are near the end of life, receiving hospice services, or whose prognosis does not indicate recovery. If an Assisted Living facility has offered the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff:
• A plexiglass barrier or booth is no longer required for indoor visitation.
• A resident may choose to have close or personal contact with their visitor.
• Two essential caregivers may visit a resident at the same time. Communal dining and social activities are allowed. Resident’s rooms and/or commons areas must be disinfected in between visits by facility staff.

If your loved one (resident) has not had the COVID-19 vaccine or has refused, resident or POA will be required to read and sign the Vaccine Benefits Acknowledgement form with the Administrator or Wellness Director prior to your scheduled visit. Per Health and Human Services our facility must offer the vaccine. “Offer” means to administer, arrange, or give information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, our facility is not administering the vaccine. Thank you all for your support and understanding over this last year. With your help and compliance, we will continue to keep our residents and your loved ones safe and healthy. Please feel free to contact me, your administrator or wellness director for further questions.

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