Here to Support You Like Family

We have a Senior Care Support Group here at Fairhaven for you and your loved ones. Our senior care support group is here to help you and your family through all of the ups and downs of this journey. Together, can we help you and your loved ones live better. We believe that our family is your family.

Caring for a loved one as he or she ages is a responsibility that can bring up all kinds of emotions. You may experience the positives of love and tenderness, the very real stresses of dealing with chronic health problems, and many other complicated emotions.

Caretaking stresses can take a significant toll on your physical and emotional well-being, which is why establishing a support system is so important. Meeting regularly with others in your situation can bring an immense sense of relief and connectedness. Caregivers need care too.

Our groups give you the opportunity to make new friendships, and you’ll also learn about:

  • The latest tips and techniques for home care
  • Community resources that can give you the support you need