6 Facts About Senior Living

Senior Fun

Here are 6 facts about Senior Living that might surprise you.

Fairhaven Assisted  Living is all about personalizing your families stay as much as possible. Our caring staff wants you and your loved one to feel all the comforts of home during their stay.  Each community offers a robust Life Enrichment program providing an active environment each day.  Residents have the luxury of planning their own day. They can be as active as they want or as private as they choose.  For some, moving into a senior living community can be very intimidating.  Fairhaven wants your loved ones move to be as easy and comforting as possible.

Senior Living Facts at New Haven

Misconception: Senior living is arranged for a one-size-fits-all.

Fact  1: Fairhaven offers tailored personalized care and services to fit each resident’s unique needs. Due to our size, we are flexible to meet your loved one’s needs.

Misconception: Once you move into a community you cannot leave with family or friends.

Fact  2: Fairhaven encourages residents to enjoy time with family and friends, whether it be within our community or outside of our community.

We encourage family and friends to visit at any time. Your family is our family. We even allow our residents to go on vacations with families, everyone needs a vacation!

Misconception: You won’t be able to make friends.

Fact 3: Transitioning into senior living can be difficult.  The team at Fairhaven makes every effort to ensure your loved one stays active and part of our daily social and recreational activities.

Our residents enjoy companionship over delicious meals, friendship and caring are optimized.  Limiting the number of units keeps our group small. This allows our residents to connect with others quickly and the feeling of insecurity or depression is minimized.

Misconception: There is no reason to move while you are still healthy.

Fact 4: Seniors who transition early into assisted living have a better life. They stay more physically, emotionally, and mentally connected as they age, compared to those Seniors who choose to stay at home.

Staying active, eating healthy, sleeping well, and taking care of oneself can slow the risk of mortality for seniors as they age.  Seniors that live on their own succumb to bad habits when no one is around to encourage an active lifestyle.

Misconception: It won’t feel like home.

Fact 5: Fairhaven designed each of our residences to feel like a single-family home. Our small cozy size helps each new resident transition comfortably from their previous home.

Fairhaven provides very individualized care, robust activity programs, and specially designed communities that help seniors continue to thrive with all the comforts of home. We offer all private bedrooms and private bathrooms, residents can personalize their private apartment space to their liking.  Our goal is for our residents to feel at home the moment they step in the door.

Misconception: It is far too expensive.

Fact 6: A major concern is the cost of senior living. It is important to examine the overall cost of daily living.

Consider your budget. Determine what sort of monthly budget you are able to afford.  Consider financial resources such as VA Aid & Attendance for Veterans, Long Term Care insurance, home equity, personal income, and savings or financial support from family.


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