The Fairhaven Tradition Continues!


Fairhaven Denton comes from a great historic background of many memories. We are proud to say that Fairhaven Tradition Continues Summer 2020!

When local business owner Myrtle Richardson couldn’t find a suitable place for her mother to live in 1956, she decided to build a home that would be a “fair” price and a beautiful “haven.” Myrtle went in search of a good quality, affordable option for her mother.  Unfortunately, none were to be had in Denton.  But Myrtle was a businesswoman.  She found a business solution – if there isn’t the kind of care available that she wanted for her mother, she would make sure one would exist, both for her own mother and that of others in the Denton area.

Community Effort

It didn’t take long before the entire community joined in the project.  Everyone wanted to play a part, including the architect and designer of one of Denton’s most beautiful buildings, the First Christian Church.  O’Neil Ford, designer of the church, soon joined the project, along with architect, Arch Swank.

Fairhaven Tradition Continues

Over the years since Fairhaven Denton opened, senior living has changed, but Denton’s sense of community hasn’t.  When the time came to rebuild Fairhaven, the community pitched in once again, to make sure Denton still has affordable, caring senior living for Denton’s most precious citizens.

We’re so proud to say we’ve retained what was so special about Fairhaven, while bringing Fairhaven into the 21st Century.

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