What is Senior Living?

Assisted Living Denton

What is Senior Living? Is Senior Living right for you?

There are many benefits Fairhaven Senior Living has to offer.  Fairhaven provides very individualized care, robust activity programs and specially designed communities that help seniors continue to thrive with all the comforts of home.

Listen to what some of our residents are saying after making the decision to move into Senior Living.

“If I would have known what life was like living in an assisted living, I would have made the decision to move sooner.  I have met new friends while attending the daily activities offered.  My health has improved overall, I am exercising often and eating well-balanced meals.  I love having privacy when I want and can be as social as I want”    – Betty

“I enjoy the fellowship with some of the other residents.  It was important to me that I had someone available to assist me on the days I didn’t feel well. I moved in after an injury and was limited to a wheelchair.  With physical therapy and help from the staff I am now walking with a walker and feeling better” – Jim

Seniors who transition into assisted living have a better chance at staying physically, emotionally and mentally connected as they age, compared to those Seniors who choose to stay at home.

Fairhaven recognizes the importance to keeping the body and mind active through the various Life Enrichment programs that contribute to our resident’s overall health and wellbeing.  Staying active, eating healthy, sleeping well and taking care of oneself can slow the risk of mortality for seniors as they age.  Seniors that live on their own succumb to bad habits when no one is around to encourage an active lifestyle.  Fairhaven understands the importance of our residents sustaining a healthy diet, one that is rich in nutrients can help with cognition function as well as nutrition intake.  Fairhaven offers a dining program where our residents enjoy three nutritious Chef prepared meals a day.

Statistics show that both personal and environmental resources are important to aging well, senior living communities offer a unique combination of personal competence and environment that determines an optimal level of function.  Senior Living residents report lower level of stress with being able to handle situations knowing they are surrounded by a support system day and night.

Visit us today to determine if senior living is right for you or schedule a time to meet with our Community Relations Director to learn more!