Benefits of Exercise for Seniors


There are many important aspects of caring for senior citizens, such as proper nutrition and socialization. One of the most important aspects of caring for senior citizens is regular physical activity. Not only will regular activity help them to maintain their independence but being active can help your aging senior in a wide range of ways, from strengthening social relationships to improving memory and even preventing depression.

A Social Event

For many seniors, exercise is a social event. A water aerobics class gives the chance to connect with other seniors. A walking group provides the chance to catch up on exercise and the latest social news.

A Day of Exercise

Exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins, which can help lessen feelings of depression. If your aging loved one is suffering from mood swings or depression, exercise could help re-direct their negative thoughts and provide a great deal of support.

A Better Body

Keeping the body strong is one of the most important tasks for an older adult, and exercise is the best way to improve both strength and mobility.

Seniors who “sit around” most of the time can suffer from atrophied muscles, difficulty breathing and walking, unsteady balance, poor blood flow, and other common physical problems. Simply getting off the couch and moving can help with these issues. Even a short walk a few times a day has its benefits!

Seniors that live alone might find it hard to find the motivation to exercise regularly or may not know what type of activity they can safely perform. This is one of the main reasons people choose Assisted Living for their loved ones. Senior citizens can benefit from Assisted Living because these communities are designed to help them maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. Assisted living makes maintaining an active lifestyle easy by providing all the equipment for you, plus scheduled classes and activities. Providing group activities also makes residents much more likely to participate. Joining in a class that all your friends are taking is much easier than getting up and exercising by yourself. Regardless of their living arrangement, seniors that get regular exercise while doing an enjoyable activity alone or with friends can make life healthier and more meaningful.


If you are ready to start the search for a forever for your loved one. Assisted Living is a great choice that can provide outstanding care and valuable peace of mind. Do you want to find out more about what assisted living is really like? You can get a bird’s-eye view from the safety and comfort of home by scheduling a tour today: just click here to get started.