Best Holiday Activities for Seniors and the Whole Family

Senior Living Denton

The Holidays have a magical way of bringing friends and family together. As we plan for a season of parties, dinners, and extended hours of making merry, it can be difficult to find activities that seniors and subsequent generations can enjoy together.

Here are some of our favorite pastimes for the whole house to enjoy.

Break out the Card Table

Games are a great way to connect and keep minds (young and old) sharp through extended periods of holiday relaxation. Encouraging seniors to teach a party their favorite games and introducing them to new favorites is a great way to keep everyone in the house entertained.

Puzzles can foster the teamwork of an entire house by encouraging young children to help sort colors and the older participants to place the pieces.

Take a Holiday Lights Tour

Going for a holiday drive around town is the perfect way for stir-crazy families to get out of the house and kill some time. Many local news websites have a list of the best neighborhoods to see holiday decorations in your area.

Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate and try to plan a route that hits the best streets and include a midway destination to break up the drive. Incorporating a game of “I spy” is a great way for seniors to keep younger passengers entertained.

Jam out to Music

Music brings everyone together, especially when holiday favorites ring through the air. If touring the neighborhood with carols isn’t your preferred method of spreading cheer, consider hosting an evening of karaoke for the entire house to laugh and sing along with popular tunes.

Vinyl records have come back in style with younger generations making it the perfect format for seniors to share the music of their youth and encourage friends to dig through their crates to find forgotten favorites.

Share Time in the Kitchen

When cooking holiday meals together as a house it’s important to involve seniors. Asking elderly guests to help around the kitchen or dining room is a great way to make them feel useful and included. Decorating cookies is a simple and surefire way to get guests of all ages involved with holiday baking.

Try getting into the holiday spirit with a house-wide cocktail (or mocktail) competition by tasking teams of two to concoct a signature drink for competitors to sample and vote for their favorite.

Visit Homebound Friends

Encouraging the entire house to pay visits to friends and family who are in assisted living communities or hospitals is a generous way to spend the holidays. Consider bringing a holiday movie and snacks along to share with homebound seniors or presenting them with a hot meal of leftovers as a thoughtful way to share the spirit of the season.

It’s important to incorporate senior-friendly activities that involve the whole house and are fun for the entire family during holiday celebrations. Get creative and try adding some of these pastimes to your holiday activity agenda and make some new traditions to treasure for years to come.

The holidays are a time we should all strive to brighten the lives of others. If you’re looking for a place to help spread cheer and make friends, we invite you to Schedule a Visit and experience the Fairhaven difference.